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Hello and thanks for your continuous support of Yamaha Drums! Using our new model number wizard is a fast and easy way to get information and specs about.
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You're looking at a Recording Custom kit. Nice drums with dings.

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But concidering the price Originally Posted by Les Ismore. Im not a drummer, I run a studio and I wanna know what heads you would use on these?

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I wanna be flexible. Im also interested in buyin a smaller bassdrum and a 12" tomtom in real wood.

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It is good to know that a picture I took of my drum dating scrap of paper, which is stuck to my studio wall with gaffa tape is still the drum worlds chosen reference guide for dating 's lol Originally Posted by Bror. That's great kit, dings and all! John JR Robinson sizes. I love older Yamaha drums.

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I've drooled over Harry's pics of his kit before. I'd say Coated Ambassadors or Coated G1's top. Clear or Coated bottom both sound good.

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Emps, G2, or Pinstripes on top if you want a wetter sound. The time now is Drums All about Drums and Drum Kits.

Yamaha Recording Custom Drums

If you want to get creative with the harmonic structure of your remix, there are a few things you'll need to think about…. Speaker sim, compressor, noise gate, presets and MIDI onboard. Billie Joe Armstrong suggests Dookie overdrive is imminent.

Yamaha SD755-MD steel snare drum...seeking info

Akai Pro unveils Force, a standalone production instrument that promises an Ableton Live-style workflow without a computer. There are so many gear-heads out there, they can tell the make, year, and model just by the lugs and sizes of the shell heck, I'm not too bad at it either. Serial numbers don't have a lot to do with anything sometimes. Like I said, Yamaha may be different though.

The time now is Drums All about Drums and Drum Kits. Lots of really useful information on here. Can anyone please help with identifying the manufacture date on a set of Recording Custom drums that I've purchased?

I really don't want to get ripped off! The serial numbers are as follows: QLM I've looked at the Yamaha website: The rest of the kit appears to be by the yamaha site. To my knowledge makes no sense. They have the YESS mount system and badges without vent holes which from what I've read means post